Jamal Jones - Caustic Canyon Ver.3


Third (and probably final) version of Caustic Canyon, a map made for Doomkid's 20-Years a Mapper contest. Now multiplayer friendly!
Requires the "One Man" resource pack version 5 or later. I don't think I used anything from version 6, but I could be wrong.
The Doomworld thread were the above mentioned resource pack can be found is here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/126693-jamal-jones-one-man-jury-judging-has-started-doomkids-20-years-mapping-contest/

Changes for V3:
-Added additional player starts for co-op.
-Added multiplayer-only monsters to the map. Nothing crazy, just a few extra goons here and there. Challenge level should be more or less the same (Though I'll add that it's completely untested).
-Minor alterations to the layout. Mostly just deleted a few unnecessary lines, moved others, etc.
-Added 8 Deathmatch player starts.
-Added a Deathmatch arena to the map.
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