Stonecold - Beta 3 (Hextuple Mini Episode of 6 Hardcore Slige Maps)


Inside Edition from The Occult Archives (20220616) (GZDoom & Vanilla-compatible)

[Hextuple Mini Episode]
MAP01: Stonecold Entrance
MAP02: Stonecold Archives
MAP03: Stonecold Rooms
MAP04: Stonecold Tunnel
MAP05: Stonecold Library
MAP06: Stonecold Teleport

See List of Release Candidates & Other Projects below. Read Q&A for more details.

[Beta 3 - Additions, Changes, Fixes]
+ Add: DEHACKED script lump embedded in PWAD as secondary to MAPINFO lump.
+ Add: CWILVxx graphic lumps embedded in PWAD for Vanilla MAPxx intermissions.
+ Add: Three new Stonecold MAPs (Tunnel, Library, Teleport) from SLIGE megawads!
+ Add: Invulnerability Sphere on top of Bookcase in MAP02 dark archive room!
+ Add: Super Shotgun in start rooms of MAP02-06 for balanced start conditions.
* Chg: Each randomly generated SLFLATxx texture used by corresponding MAPxx.
* Chg: Randomly generated WALL51_3 patch renamed to SLDOOR05 and used in MAP05.
* Chg: Adjusted difficulty appearance of some Things w/Skill Flags in all MAPs.
* Chg: Replaced a burning w/explosive Barrel visible from MAP01 start room.
* Chg: Deleted a couple of columns for more space near doors in MAP02.
* Chg: Raised teleporter 1 platform in MAP06 to prevent jump before switched.
* Chg: Lowered teleporter 2 ceiling in MAP06 to prevent crouch before switched.
* Chg: Repositioned some Things (Weapons, Ammo, Monsters) in all MAPs.
* Chg: Set better angles for PlayerStarts in all MAPs.
* Chg: Beta version in TITLEPIC logo graphic.
- Fix: Smaller PWAD filesize due to MAPxx cleanups by SLADE editor.
- Fix: Removed a duplicate end marker in PWAD.

Stonecold is both a DOOM 2 mod and megawad in the works that includes the best
random map out of 32 levels each playtested and carefully chosen from a daily
auto-generated SLIGE megawad! The focus is on a STONE theme (ancient & marble
textures) and hardcore monster combat that is both winable and suitable for
tough and skilled Doom players who like rough and fast-paced FPS single/coop
gameplay - the deathmatch way! Run in GZDoom on "Make me stonecold" difficulty!

[Q&A - Questions & Answers]

1. What is an "Inside Edition"?

A post-edited/modified and recompiled version of a DOOM 2 MAP or episodic/full
PWAD that I randomly generated with SLIGE, OBLIGE, OBSIDIAN or my own internal
generators with custom settings, addons, etc. The "Inside" expression is my
alternative term for "Work in Progress", i.e. those are usually Beta versions
with unfinished content uploaded for playtesting and demo purposes months
before the Final Edition.

2. What are "The Occult Archives"?

Simply put, they are my private and huge collection of randomly generated MAPs
and PWADs for DOOM 2 since years - thousands of playable maps and gigabytes of
data that haven't been publicly released for the most part. I also experiment
with specific seed numbers and mods/addons for both SLIGE and OBLIGE-based
generators. The title also refers to my real name as a coder and level designer
which I will reveal in the near future on my official ModDB.

3. What DOOM Editor do you use?

I currently use SLADE v3.2.1 for both building/editing MAP levels and compiling
PWAD archives. I feel it's the quickest and easiest editor out there that works
best for my personal workflow.

4. What is your username and URL on ModDB?

My username is Lurker. I had been known to some folks of the Unreal modding
community out there since I created some maps and mods for DEUS EX back in 2011
and following years, aswell as tools and special port versions of UE1-based FPS

You can check out and download my official stuff at:

[List of Release Candidates from daily auto-generated SLIGE megawads]

Two exclamation marks mean two things: The random map features a STONE theme
texture set and I chose it as a Release Candidate (RC) after playtesting it
for the very first time and judging the 3D layout and combat with monsters.

If I marked a map with a number 01-32 it was chosen as the "Winner of the Day"
for STONECOLD, corresponding with the ascending  map number in my PWAD - and
overriding any alternative maps (RCs) inside a same megawad. Usually there are
only one or two well-generated maps per daily megawad with my desired theme and
gameplay requirement. The rest is being discarded from this list. By the way,
it takes me about 30-60 minutes to playtest a full sliged Doom 2 PWAD with 32
random MAPs on a daily basis.

-- megawad_20220601 "The Disturbed Oscar" --
MAP06 (!!)(01:Stonecold Entrance)
MAP28 (!!)(RC)

-- megawad_20220602 "The Grisly Acapulco" --
MAP05 (!!)(02:Stonecold Archives)

-- megawad_20220603 "The Mortal Salamis" --
MAP18 (!!)(03:Stonecold Rooms)

-- megawad_20220604 "The Gruesome Fortress" --
MAP24 (!!)(04:Stonecold Tunnel)
MAP31 (!!)(RC/Secret1)

-- megawad_20220605 "The Mortal Limbo" --
MAP06 (!!)(05:Stonecold Library)
MAP09 (!!)(RC)

-- megawad_20220606 "The Immortal_Bilge" --
MAP13 (!!)(RC)
MAP28 (!!)(06:Stonecold Teleport)

Stay tuned for weekly updates...

[Other DOOM 2 Projects]
+ Obsidian Cavern 20220606 (Final Edition in the works w/new stuff...)
Download 25 downloads