THANK YOU for downloading Necromancer MegaWad! 

Hard Data:

Vanilla Doom, No custom assets, All genuine Doom textures and monsters

Port: GZDoom

Format: UDMF 
IWAD: Doom 2

Does NOT require jumping, freelook or other software renders


3 Level WAD

Power Source, Baalstrom, Black Bone Fortress

All levels were meant to have a genuine Doom feel to them. They have a moderate amount of monsters and have all been tested for difficulty. These were meant to be played on Ultra Violence, but still include toned down difficulty settings. These are about as difficult as your average to late Doom 2 levels.

*IF there are any issues or errors with any of the maps, please e-mail [email protected] with the level number, the error and what part of the level it affects.  
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