Stonecold - Beta 2 (First Mini-Episode of 3 Hardcore Slige Maps)


Inside Edition from The Occult Archives (20220606)

Stonecold is both a DOOM 2 mod and mappack in the works that features the best random map out of 32 levels each playtested and carefully chosen from a daily auto-generated SLIGE megawad! The focus is on a stone theme (ancient & marble textures) and hardcore monster combat that is both winable and suitable for tough and skilled Doom players who like rough and fast-paced FPS single/coop gameplay - the deathmatch way!

Beta 2 version now includes three random maps with custom midi music chosen specifically to match each atmosphere as much as possible. Run in GZDoom on "Make me stonecold" difficulty! The placement of monsters and things in the maps are "as is" and haven't been revised and edited in this version yet.

MAP01: Stonecold Entrance
MAP02: Stonecold Archives (included in Beta 1 as MAP01)
MAP03: Stonecold Rooms

See List of Release Candidates below. Read the Q&A for more details.

[Q&A - Questions & Answers]

1. What is an "Inside Edition"?

A post-edited/modified and recompiled version of a DOOM 2 MAP or episodic/full WAD that I randomly generated with SLIGE, OBLIGE, OBSIDIAN or my own internal generators with custom settings, plugins, etc. The "Inside" expression is my alternative term for "Work in Progress", i.e. those are usually Beta versions with unfinished content uploaded for playtesting and demo purposes months before the final release.

2. What are "The Occult Archives"?

Simply put, they are my private and huge collection of randomly generated MAPs/WADs for DOOM 1 & 2 since years - thousands of playable maps and gigabytes of data that haven't been publicly released for the most part. I also experiment with specific seed numbers and mods/plugins for both SLIGE and OBLIGE-based generators. The title also refers to my real name as a coder and level designer which I will reveal in the near future on my official ModDB.

3. What DOOM Editor do you use?

I currently use SLADE v3.2.1 for both building/editing MAP levels and compiling WAD archives. I feel it's the quickest and easiest editor out there that works best for my personal workflow.

[List of Release Candidates from daily auto-generated SLIGE megawads]

Two exclamation marks mean two things: The random map features a stone-only texture theme and I chose it as a release candidate (RC) after playtesting it for the very first time and judging the 3D layout and combat with monsters. If I marked a map with a number 01-32 it was chosen as the "Winner of the Day" for STONECOLD, corresponding with the ascending map number in my WAD, overriding any alternative maps (RCs) inside a same megawad. Usually there is only 1 or 2 well-generated maps per daily megawad with my desired theme and gameplay. The rest is being discarded from this list. By the way, it takes me roughly 30-60 minutes to playtest a full Doom 2 WAD through 32 random maps on a daily basis, generated by SLIGE, OBLIGE, OBSIDIAN.

-- megawad_20220601 "The Disturbed Oscar" --
MAP06 (!!)(01:Stonecold Entrance)
MAP28 (!!)(RC)

-- megawad_20220602 "The Grisly Acapulco" --
MAP05 (!!)(02:Stonecold Archives)

-- megawad_20220603 "The Mortal Salamis" --
MAP18 (!!)(03:Stonecold Rooms)

Stay tuned for more updates in Beta 3 and higher versions...
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