Deep Paranoia (MAP01-05)


- Deep Paranoia is the remake of my older WAD called Deep into the Massacre created back in
2020. The objective with this one is to create more elaborated scenarios with more varied enemies 
and situations, and with a reasonable difficulty.

- Only 5 levels are finished, more are coming soon with updates.

- Deep Paranoia requires specifically the Doom 2 IWAD. Not Ultimate Doom nor Final Doom.

- Only tested in PrBoom Plus with Doom/2 1.9 compatibility level. You can play it on GZDoom with
Doom strict compatibility level which emulates the original behavior. Chocolate Doom can work fine
but it can present invisible stuff because the sprite limit or crash entirely.

- It was designed with the Ultra-Violence difficulty in mind. But if you want to run and gun with
your rocket launcher without any worries, play it on HMP, HNTR or ITYTD.

- Freelook, crouching or jumping is not the way intended to play, it can break some of the maps with it.
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