Brick Deathmatch 2


Title                   : Brick Death Match 2
Filename                : BrickDM2.wad
Release date            : 07/11/2021
Author                  : Reviver
Email Address           : [email protected]
Other Files By Author   : BrickDM.wad
Misc. Author Info       : I love tweaking and hacking my hardware, operating
                          system, and applications, with the purpose to improve

Description             : Baron of Hell-themed shrine where a battle and demonic
                          ritual involving friend and foe alike transpired.
                          Shells and bullets, along with corpses, populate this
                          battle ground.

                          Green, grey, silver, and brown colors co-ordinate
                          to create a gritty, dark, and menacing environment.
                          Whenever possible, a variety of texture graphics are
                          used to create a more visually-impacting scenery.
                          Special care was taken with the lighting for all
                          areas, though for dramatic or sullen visual effect,
                          some exceptions with how a room or item is
                          presented will not represent real-world lighting.

                          Strategize well, and be prepared to not rely only
                          on one weapon, for as you will see, certain areas
                          in this small level make certain weapons less than
                          highly effective.  Use the physical properties of
                          of the battle ground to your advantage, and don't
                          be afraid to USE barriers, for they may open a
                          path to you, or possibly create a chance to more
                          accurately aim and to connect with your current
                          chosen weapon.  Improvise as well, for this level
                          caters to creative combat styles.  Try to make
                          every single strike or shot you fire count!

                          This level is designed for 1 vs 1 player.  I did
                          put in 8 Deathmatch Starts, BUT. . . . if you decide
                          to play with more than 1 opponent, expect to
                          encounter your enemy VERY OFTEN. . . . PERHAPS
                          TOO OFTEN!

                          If you enjoy this level, please do me a favor
                          and share it with others whom have similar
                          tastes in Doom 2 Death Match maps.  I know
                          this type of Death Match level is not going
                          to please everyone who obtains BrickDM2.wad.
                          If you love this level, and grant me this favor,
                          even if it's by word-of-mouth, I will be
                          in your gratitude and you will have my

Additional Credits to   : Episode 1 Mission 8 from Ultimate Doom, as I
                          gathered some inspiration from that level.
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