Scotia Doom Demo 1

Scotia Doom Demo 1.wad

Scotia Doom is a collaboration of passion for Doom and the Lands of Lore Franchise.
Thanks go to God, Jesus, Gabrielle and my Bunny Rabbit Flopsy for guiding me through the joy of building the levels the characters the design the guidance was very helpful, God asked me to include the Fans of both series and that I was to only imagine the faces on the Doom and Lands of Lore Fans faces.
Thanks also go to a lady used to email who began the project in my mind after 18 years of struggling with outdated Doom Software.
Thanks of course to my Pastor and Team for the idea as well as my Earth Dad for his help and my Mom for always loving and encouraging my creativity..
The Passion of this project is not over there are 3 more 32 Level Packs coming.
God has kept me from feeling dismay through the past 5 years of Lands of Lore being canceled by Electronic Arts.
There was no doubt I tied to get this as perfect as I could some things may be imperfect however.
Vertexes may not be aligned properly.
In Level 20 you need Jump Boots to find one or more the secrets one is very well hidden it’s actually the red skull area.
This idea might be useful for later installments.
There were many more secrets I wished to add.
One of the best secrets I created was Scotia’s Throne Room Level 29 to get the door to open you must find a picture of Scotia way in th rafters so yeah Lands of Lore 2 and 3 stuff.
On Level 28 you can also find Scotia’s Lounge Room by shooting a secret wall.
Secret Walls can usually be found by walking through a wall, or clicking on them but sometimes they will need to be shot at to open.
Funny the thing originally was to just collect items originally but then I found out they could be used I decided on the A key however that may not work for you.
Teleport work fine but there are 5 of them that require solving on Level 24 some 3 the solution is to more to the left one is to the right one requires finding the pink spot on the star and moving backwards off of it and the applause I wanted but couldn’t figure that out.
If I had more space a spot with hands clapping would possibly work but that didn’t get put in because it’s too much space.
There were characters that I couldn’t place in it to give it the authentic feel I wanted, but God told me it’s important to deliver what you can do for the franchises fans.
So I did what I could but there’s always more perfection to be made and my skills are very much on an Apprentice Level.
I also hope that by doing this project I can one day inspire the Lands of lore Movie Trilogy that never was on Television or the Movie Theater.
I also have one other problem, I have no concept of time or space dimension or death I only see the small and large but no gray area.
That is why some areas of the level are so skinny and the others are big or areas are very large or very little.
I hope that you enjoy may best efforts and by sending this I hope I have inspired many of you to help improve what I couldn’t do.
You all are Doom Modders who love to Mod Doom and hopefully with time and patience you can Mod mine better as well.
Hope you have a great day.
Kind and Loving Regards
Sincerely Jonathan Riccardi
Aka An Inheritor

Be sure to check out my videos on youtube under the underlined name as well as my books on Amazon
I do so hope this Mod does not hurt the Lands of Lore Projects in the works in any way possible I want the series to be as successful as possible
I love it it is imaginative creative loving caring just look at the cut scenes and see how caring the game is as King Richard says in the 3rd one, ‘’Without you’re kind we would have packed up the tents earlier and Gladstone would be remembered only as a wide spot in the Forest.
Without this series on tv and the movies or as games books comics fan films, the industry is that much less enjoyable, thanks to all who work on these franchises without you we would be only remembered as a wide spot in the Forest.
Talent creative and kind people all creatures great and small imagination all of it makes so many happy and that’s kindness in a bottle where I see things.
To show kindness I have inserted a Blue Caco and a yellow one where you can pet their cute friendly round selfs as a side Bonus Quest which I call Show Kindness Pet a Caco, I just wish I had a sign for the level and then there’s the trick switch on the wall as a joke it does nothing.
Also look for the Stone Age Rabbit Hutch in the  Draracles Museum Level, I wanted brown but had to use grey textures instead.
I noticed a glitch in the 15 Level probably caused by the Railway System in that level.
Also a tiny glitch on one of the secrets where the texture doesn’t match up right it’s very hard to see unless you look down.
I wanted a Chull in the game which was actually dropped from Lands of lore sort of like Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle dropped the No Carrot Sign from the GameBoy version and the sequel dropped the Moth but it wouldn’t work and it had fart noises I didn’t like and it may have been inappropriate because it was called JohneyCock.wad
I wanted to remove the fart noises and see the replacement but it just wouldn’t work.
Also some areas have ! marks for creatures in the levels 15 -32 but I can’t replace them except with Slade because then I wouldn’t be able to send you the file it would be over 25 MB and I can’t email it anymore because it would be to big.
Sorry for any problems you encounter but maybe you can figure a way to use more items and monsters and carry on my work.
I also tried to put a picture of my bunny in the sequel I’m working on but it wouldn’t work. I Debated about lake Dread hurting the player on level 2 but didn’t have a way to do so due to space. I think a cool concept would be to have to cross the river and survive that would have been cool but again space conflict.
City-DM8 wad easy to get going once I figured out how and I have to thank God for helping me try one more time to extract the graphics, He is the reason I was successful I was ready to throw in the towel but as I debated it He came to me and suggested I try again and it worked so thank you God for helping me get it done.
Carlitox.wad was uncooperative as could be even though I got the Scotia Skin it wouldn’t load my level with it.
Hopefully you can look at the file Carlitox.Wad edit out any non Scotia Noises and replace them with Scotia’s
If you need me to I can try to send some recordings of my voice as Scotia.
I do one heck of a voice of her and Palpatine and perhaps Palpatine should make a cameo in this as well.
I’m thinking of also for my 4th Lands of Lore Mod to use Flopsy as a Character for there is a Bugs Bunny Mod that is very cute, my rabbit loves Bugs Bunny a lot so I could use that and possibly find a way to color it brown, the problem is I don’t know how to use slide to recolor Sprites, I don’t even know how to place in the applause noise in the levels for when you finish difficult puzzles in my Mods.
another interesting development was Level 14 a very strange formed level but the solution is the mushroom and the arrows, they fix this imperfect yet strange area.  When you see the Shrooms you will know that nearby is a secret wall.
There are 14 or more weapons in this mod to use some of them may require secondary fire which you can use in the options menu. Spellbinder is as I just now figured out just such a weapon.
Anyway I hope that this Mod works well for you and I’m thinking the Mod should be left as is as a 32 level demo pack but then it should be released a second time as the official complete 32 level Mod once you are done with it.
So that way the players of the Mod get to enjoy two versions of it the original as it is now and the amazing Modded Version that is yet to be created.
I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this, thanks again and Have a great day!
P.S. New updates such as the Applause Room and knot holes were added as per Gods request and I added Bucks Skins. He assured me that this would make a huge difference with the Fans.

Sincerely Jonathan
Have you played Eye of Beholder, Legend of Kyrandia Lands of Lore, Anvil of Dawn, Undercroft, Mazes of Fate or Cardhalia…
Do you dream like I do of a Movie Series a TV show a Fan Film or a continuation of the Series…
We’ll look no further Scotia Doom is here to the rescue so kiss those Electronic Arts issues goodbye and welcome to Lands of Lore 4 Scotia’s Revenge!

The Story is that Malcolm the Jester discovering that he was framed for a murder he didn’t commit has discovered his accomplice Salandra the Fairy Tale Realm Witch has found out and has resurrected Scotia throughout the Lands to stop you as you seek to stop Salandra you will discover for yourself why Lands of Lore is absolutely amazing.
This Wad should have been done 18 years ago!
Anyway it seems funny after all this time that I’d return to Doom of all games to Mod my dream game series.
Ok then so what can you expect in this Mod.

1. 32 Newly formed Levels for Doom 2
2. Lands of Lore Sprites
3. A crazy Malcolm hot on the heals for fun and adventure
4. Salandra’s evil minions borrowed from her mother the Ice Queen
5. Fun Music from the Lands
6. Crazy good fun without any blood
7. A complete remake of the maps of Lands of Lore
8. A death-match spot on each map
9. New Creatures
10. And of course Scotia herself

Lands of Lore 4 Salandra’s Revenge coming just as soon as I get a Level Editor

Sincerely Jonathan
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