From the Depths Version 3.4


Six Maps for a playtime of around 20 minutes on very easy, 30 on easy, 35 on normal, and good luck on anything higher. Resources are few and far between but on the plus side you have a six shot revolver with unlimited ammo and if you can find a flashlight your batteries won't die in the time to complete this survival horror take on doom.

Mods Required: CC4-TEX
Suck Time 1 hour
Par Time ~30 minutes

If the flashlight isn't bright try turning video options to NOT be hardware accelerated.
If you're wanting to reload besides when firing your last shot, bind a reload key.

Map 1 - Sewer Level stumbling through tunnels
Map 2 - Outdoor to Indoor Area with plenty of doors with traps and goodies. Choose wisely or take your time.
Map 3 - The Narrowing Tunnel, what could go wrong.
Map 4 - Just here to annoy you.
Map 5 - Hotel Level, if hell had a hotel that was designed to kill you.
Map 6 - Secret Level, In the Depths...
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