2048 units of /vr/


Archive Maintainer      : This version contains the DeHackEd guns made for
                          the project. Also included in the .zip is
			  2048EX_v1.4G.wad, which contains 6 extra maps.
			  This an updated version of 2048 Units of /vr/!
Update to               : 2048 Units of /vr/
Advanced engine needed  : MBF (complevel 11)
Primary purpose         : Single play
Title                   : 2048 Units of /vr/
Filename                : 2048vr_v1.6G.zip
Release date            : 10/21/20
Author                  : Various
Email Address           : [redacted]
Other Files By Author   : 100 Minutes of /vr/, 200 Minutes of /vr/, & 300
                          Minutes of /vr/
Misc. Author Info       : /vr/ - Retro Games, Doom General

Description             : This project contains 32 maps in the main wad, plus
                          an additional 6 that didn't make the cut contained
                          in the extra wad. Inspired by projects like MAYhem
                          2048 and Congestion 1024, we sought to make a
                          project with similar restrictions: make a
                          boom-compatible map where the playable areas are
                          within a 2048x2048 unit space and optionally use
                          textures from gothictx.
                          This version of the wad contains the special
                          DeHackEd Guns, designed to be played in complevel
                          11 (MBF).

Additional Credits to   : Level Design: Spooky Cacodemon, aan, Sandsculker,
                          Khodoque, EnragedEggplant, ViolentBeetle,
                          Chopblock223, A2Rob, Repugnus, Mr. B, Sitri, Brxyz,
                          punch you in the face man, manuk3r, Samuel
                          Samuelson, Bartekmil, Washing Machine Enthusiasts,
                          kakroucz, charcola, LunchLunch, Anonymous Sloth,
                          Vaeros, & Anonymous 
                          Guns ported to DeHackEd by HackFraud, with some
                          additional help by Brxyz and Redead-ITA
                          Original decorate guns by Chopblock223                        
* What is included *

New levels              : 38; 32 in 2048vr_v1.6G.wad, 6 in 2048EX_v1.4G.wad
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos                   : Yes
Other                   : Internal MAPINFO lump
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2
Map #                   : 01-32 ; 01-06
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Other game styles       : None
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : ~2 months
Editor(s) used          : Ultimate Doombuilder, Slade
Known Bugs              : May still contain some texture misalignments. MAP04
                          in the extra wad is basically unfinished, but still
May Not Run With        : Any port not compatible with MBF
Tested With             : PrBoom+, GZDoom, Eternity

* Copyright / Permissions *

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a
copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

You are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
If you do so, you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the
license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable
manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your
use. You may not use the material for commercial purposes. If you remix,
transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: ftp://archives.gamers.org/pub/idgames/ and mirrors
Web sites: https://boards.4channel.org/vr/catalog#s=doom%20thread

** 2048 Units of /vr/ (v1.6) - Credits **
Title Music: Title theme to Crucified Dreams by Vincent Fong
Intermission Music: E1M9.mus from Heretic
Text Crawl Music: "The Yawning World" by James Paddock
MAP01: Gatehouse
Author: Spooky Cacodemon
Music: MIDI version of The Only Thing They Fear Is You from Doom Eternal
Fixes: Added difficulty settings, aligned a few textures. 
Removed imp outside of map, added missing texture.
Difficulty: Easy
MAP02: You're a drunk loser, and not the cool kind
Author: aan
Music: MIDI rendition of "Every Day I Die" by Gary Numan
Fixes: Fixed a fucky linedef.
Difficulty: Easy
MAP03: Roundabout Cliffside
Author: SandSculker
Music: Blue Water, Blue Sky" - Guilty Gear XX.
Arranged by Feathers https://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps2/
Fixes: Fixed a slime trail near the rocket launcher, moved a medikit 
slightly that telports up when the floor moves in the red skull room.
Moved a trigger so that it's not missable.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP04: Lobachevsky Overdrive
Author: Khodoque
Music: "Press the Button" By Technology midi 
by MIN www.midi.ru/song/112167/
Fixes: Fixed an out of place brick texture that appears when the walls 
lower in the red key room
Difficulty: Easy
MAP05: Arrogance and Contempt
Author: EnragedEggplant
Music: "SA-X Appears" from Metroid Fusion
Fixes: Changed the outside floor texture from the default base flat to 
an ash texture, also fixed some unpegged doors, replaced some cumbersome 
midtextures (now the map looks good in both hardware and 
software renderers!)
Also rebuilt a small section from scratch due to recurring collission issues, let's hope this is over with now.
Difficulty: Easy
MAP06: An Appointment With Mr. Pain
Author: ViolentBeetle
Music: D_SHAWN from Doom II
Fixes: Fixed a set of midbars that could be passed through.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP07: Forsaken Stockades
Author: ChopBlock223
Music: Map 01 track from the Rockit25 set, composed by Mr.Chris
Fixes: Removed a softlock that could be found at the beginning of the map
Shaved away a lot of those stupid wallposts, fixed a huge slimetrail, 
adjusted some textures.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP08: Belial's Bachelor Pad
Author: Repugnus
Music: Midi rendition of "Hang Castle" from Sonic Heroes 
by Stacy Anne Christiansen 
Fixes: Moved stairs slightly in the evil eye hallway to make 
sure nobody gets under the bars. Removed a few fucky linedefs 
outside the map.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP09: Precipice HQ (2048wipV2)
Author: Mr. B
Music: "Smoke and Mirrors" from the Rise of the Triad
soundtrack (added by project lead)
Fixes: Fixed some unpegged doortracks, added some support beams 
to divide some windows that were difficult to adjust 
without screwing up the midbars
Difficulty: Medium
MAP10: Sewers
Author: Sitri
Music: "Water World" from the Duke Nukem 3D soundtrack 
(added by project lead)
Fixes: Fixed some STARTAN that was never retextured
Difficulty: Medium
MAP11: Retirement Grease
Author: Sitri
Music: Prayers in the Machine.mid by Alfonzo 
Fixes: Fixed teleport boxes for some imps so they could 
enter the level and get killed.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP12: Suspiral
Author: punch you in the face man
Music: "Suspense Reprise" from Eternal Doom
Fixes: Made the teleport box near the end of the level more efficient.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP13: Barge In
Author: Khodoque
Music: "Voyage, Voyage" by Desireless, cover by Sergei Minaev, 
midified by Andrei Khodakov (www.midi.ru/song/149626/)
Fixes: Raised up mountain slightly to avoid cutting off the skybox.
Fixed teleporters so the trees loop. 
Boxed in some linedefs outside the map so GzDoom would stop complaining.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP14: Shipwreck Cavern
Author: Samuel Samuelson
Music: https://www.vgmusic.com/file/ab3406c54e2e0671b199d9df67c211b3.html#disqus_thread
Fixes: /
Difficulty: Medium
Note: Thought this would be a good follow up to 
"Barge In" because of the ship theme.
MAP15: Caliginous Cauldron
Author: Washing Machine Enthusiasts
Music: "Hell's Furnace" by Tristan Clark (aka Eris Falling) 
from TNT: Revilution.
Fixes: Shifted the imp window cubbies in the main 
hall so wall textures could be aligned.
Fixed a missable secret tag, fixed it so you can't get stuck 
by Revenants at a trap.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP16: Ghoul Grotto
Author: Brxyz
Music: Midi of Cavern Caprice from DKC3 sequenced by Lutarez
Fixes: Cleaned away some extraneous linedefs outside the 
map (I did this to a lot of levels)
Difficulty: Medium
MAP17: 30 Days in the Cooler For Talking
Author: A2Rob
Music: "Escape Velocity" by James Paddock
Fixes: /
Difficulty: Medium
Note: RSKY1 appears in this map because the author used a sky 
transfer, NOT A BUG.
MAP18: Straight Walled Rooms
Author: manuk3r
Music: Modern Motion midi pack for OpenTTD
Fixes: Removed a softlock by making a door repeatable.
Shifted an ambush so it's not very easily missable, adjusted a 
floor slightly.
Fixed an incorrect linedef action probably applied when I did the previous fix.
Difficulty: Medium
MAP19: Trifecta
Author: kakroucz
Music: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow-Clock Tower
Fixes: Added difficulties. Fixed a few out of place textures on the exit 
Difficulty: Medium
MAP20: Baal's Coliseum
Author: Bartekmil
Music: MIDI rendition of "The Arena" theme from Aria of 
sorrow credits: World of game mids
Fixes: Added a marker to the yellow key door.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP21: Tiny Fragment
Author: charcola
Music: "Aliens, Say Your Prayers!" from Duke Nukem 3D
Fixes: /
Difficulty: Medium
MAP22: The Wretched Scythe Hole
Author: aan
Music: UN43.mid from the unused Doom music compilation
Fixes: /
Difficulty: Hard
MAP23: For They Defiled Our Waters
Author: LunchLunch
Music: Glitter Gulch Mine 
Factory Remix (https://www.khinsider.com/midi/n64/banjo-tooie)
Fixes: Made start door openable from the inside indefinitely.
Can now also be opened from the outside once you get the yellow key.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP24: Badass Billy's Party Palace (formerly Good Boy's Club)
Author: Anonymous Sloth
Music: Midi rendition of TMNT theme
Fixes: Fixed some texture misalignments
Keys weren't tagged to spawn on easy skill settings, fixed.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP25: Maniacal Menstruation
Author: Anonymous
Music: The Enchanted Cathedral from Hexen 2
Fixes: /
Difficulty: Hard
MAP26: The Dark Sanctuary
Author: Vaeros
Music: Heretic E1M3.mid
Fixes: Fixed a teleporter which was inside out.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP27: Welcome to the Peanut Gallery
Author: LunchLunch
Music: Fungi Forest Mine Cart 
Fixes: Fixed some fucky sectors and linedefs.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP28: Bleak Cinders
Author: ChopBlock223
Music: Music is the E3M3 track from the Rockit25 set, composed by Mr.Chris
(Famously heard in JPCP's Map 08).
Fixes: Made it possible to trigger the "Secret is revealed" message in the 
partial invisibility secret.
Made it so you can't leap into the hole the Cyberdemon is hidden in
by removing the hole and just having him teleport into place later instead.
(Thus also removing some exploits some gameplay mods would net you).
Redid the central pillars so the textures loop perfectly.
Redid the switch setup in the twin Archie encounter,
because it was so fucking everyone thought it was just misaligned,
NO, it was just a really bad design decision.
Difficulty: Hard
MAP29: Black Crest
Author: Brxyz
Music: Space Boss theme from the Adventures of Batman 
and Robin sequenced by TheVideoGame (with some edits)
Fixes: Removed some extraneous linedefs outside the level, boxed in some 
functional linedefs. Tweaked difficulty slightly.
Difficulty: Very Hard
MAP30: Tyrant's Starless Realms
Author: Chopblock223 (5 map submissions, deserves a round of applause!)
Music: Track 04 from the .wad "Ol' No Name", composed by James Paddock
Fixes: Added some more ammo.
Also tried to cut down somewhat on some detail you can't even see,
because if you use a flashlight mod in GzDoom, the framerate, 
while otherwise perfectly fine drops like a fucking rock. 
Trimming didn't work, so just don't use a flashlight.
Difficulty: Very Hard
MAP31: Minimalism
Author: Washing Machine Enthusiasts
Music: "Deep Into the Code" from Ultimate Doom
Fixes: Fixed HOM, when the walls fell. Removed an untaggable secret.
Possible to get credit for 9 out of 8 secrets resulting in a 114% secret score, fixed.
Difficulty: Hard (Very hard if going for secret exit)
MAP32: Club Boom
Author: Washing Machine Enthusiasts
Music: "Blue Monday" by New Order (MIDI conversion by anonymous)
Fixes: Fixed conveyor so that it also works like it should in GzDoom
Difficulty: Medium


MAP01: Vehement Onslaught
Author: ChopBlock223
Music: From map 08 of Crucified Dreams, composed by Nick Baker.
Fixes: / 
Difficulty: Hard
Note: Author's blessing to put in an EXTRA 
slot (doesn't fit in a 2048x2048 space)
Note from author: What a fucking waste of time this level was.
MAP02: The Dark Below
Author: ChopBlock223
Music: A .midi recreation of the Judas Priest song 
Out In The Cold, unknown author.
Fixes: Woke up Chaingunner in teleport box outside map.
Difficulty: Hard
Note: Also doesn't fit inside a 2048x2048 space
MAP03: Pointing You the Way Out
Author: Anonymous
Music: "Hate Machine" by James Paddock (Sigil: E5M1)
Fixes: /
Note: Kind of a clusterfuck, would be good in one of the 
EXTRA slots as an interesting challenge map
Difficulty: Hard
MAP04: Roundabout
Author: Anonymous
Music: /
Fixes: Fixed a hom, but there's too much that needs to be done with map to make
it worth the effort.
I fixed some more HOMs, but I largely agree. No hate, but it's slightly halfbaked.
Difficulty: Hard
Note: While it has an exit, this map seems unfinished. 
Another good candidate for an EXTRA slot.
MAP05: Inner Cloister
Author: Anonymous
Music: "The Gatehouse" from Heretic
Fixes: Fixed some HOMs, 
Difficulty: Hard
MAP06: Missy Elliot Rodgers
Author: LunchLunch
Music: Kastle Kaos (DKC3) https://www.khinsider.com/midi/snes/donkey-kong-country-3
Fixes:Some teleporters weren't repeatable.
Though this mapset has poor multiplayer support to begin with, it can't hurt.
Difficulty: Hard

1.6 Changelog:
-Fixed a couple HOMs in Map18.
-Fixed an issue in Map04 where an Imp and a Revenant were stuck inside of eachother on HMP.
-Fixed an issue in Map29 where the yellow key would sometimes not teleport in.
-Lowered the outer ceiling height in Map29 to prevent the Cacodemons from flying too high. 

1.5 Changelog:
-Redid the pillar/pit in Map05, redid that entire section of hallway even, let's hope that will be no more trouble.
-Map24 didn't have its keys tagged for easy skills, fixed that.
-Map13 was missing some linedef actions.
-Map18 had an incorrect linedef action probably done accidentally by me last time.
-Map18's music credits were also incorrect.
-Fixed typographical error in Map11 textcrawl.
-Fixed an error letting you get credits for one more secret than Map 31 actually has.

1.4 Changelog:
-Cleaned up MANY extraneous linedefs outside of maps (mostly lines people drew for themselves to
help stay within the 2048 limit). 
-Boxed in some functional linedefs outside of maps, because GzDoom complains if you don't.
-Fixed some fucked up doubled linedefs here and there, some fucked up sectors.
-Fixed the conveyor on MAP32 so that it also works properly on GzDoom.
-Tweaked some teleport boxes here, some teleport boxes there.
-Fixed a couple of missing textures and HOMs.
-Fixed a couple of slimetrails.
-Fixed one or two softlocks.
-Reworked the DeHacked weapons set thoroughly, thanks a thousand to Hackfraud and Brxyz!
DeHacked set now animates and sounds 90% like the smooth Decorate version.
-Guns now integrated into the base version of 2048.
-Fixed up the optional Decorate weapon set, also made a version compatible with Zandronum.
-Recorded new demos for new versions.
-Tweaked the big number 0, because it looked a bit much like an 8 at a glance.
-Touched up RSKY1 a little bit to make it more seamless and natural looking.
-Did way too many fixes to list all individually.

1.3 Changelog:
-MAP03 had a linedef in the flesh tunnel you could avoid which released some monsters, now it's
been replaced with a line that the player has no choice but to cross
-Fixed a faulty pillar in MAP05 which would get the Archvile stuck
-Adjusted some details on the beds MAP07 which restricted the player's movement slightly, along 
with some other minor tweaks
-Made it possible for the trees to loop on the scrolling mountain in MAP13 so they don't ruin
the illusion of movement by piling up at the end
-Removed a secret tag in MAP15 which was easily missed due to a short step into the secret exit
-Removed an secret tag in MAP31 which was impossible to trigger due to its location on a thin
-MAP18 had a door near the opening which was tagged as S1- now it's repeatable. This map also
had some shotgunners and imps that are easily missed due to a door shutting on the player, so the
tag to trigger them was set to an earlier step
-Adjusted some textures in MAP28 and altered the big reveal fight to make it more open for player
-Adjusted some textures/flats in MAP30 and added more ammo. Optimizations were also made to make
this map run better in GZDoom
~~Thanks to Chopblock223 for the updates!~~

1.2 Changelog:
-Softlock in MAP03 taken care of
-MAP05 & MAP07 slightly edited to work in MBF compatibilty (for the DeHackEd Guns)
-MAP21 Hell Knight encounter altered, scratched walls fixed
-MAP11 Hell Knights now teleport in when plasma secret is triggered
-Fixed an inescapable death pit in MAP24
-Fixed a softlock in EX02
-Stuck Pinkies in EX04 are now free
-BFG added to both 2048 Guns wads
~~Thanks to hackfraud and Chopblock223 for the edits and the guns!~~

Other Credits:
-Project lead: Repugnus
-TITLEPIC & M_DOOM by punch you in the face man
-BOSSBACK by Vaeros
-ENDOOM and Credit Pic by Repugnus
-Alternate IoS , INTERPIC, Sky 2 & 3 textures by ChopBlock223
-Spawncube sprites from DN3D (edited by Chopblock223)
-Sky1 by Predator (edit of Dbzone) (https://idsky.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=31)
-Hud by punch you in the face man (Background and ammo icons are from Eternal Doom. 
Text is Stgotic font by Daniel Hernández. Numbers are Gargoyle Wing from Realm667 by Jimmy)
-2048GUNS.wad by Chopblock223
-2048Guns DeHackEd Edition by hackfraud

Special thanks to all the anons who helped playtest and posted feedback, you all helped 
immensely with the development of this project.
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