Woodbine Warzone


From DoomWorld forum:

I briefly fooled around with some Doom editing back in the 90s. Haven't done any since. Haven't really done much gaming since. Then I started watching some Doom play-throughs on Youtube a month or so ago and was suddenly struck with a nostalgic urge to get back in the game.

This first new map is urban style, based loosely on my own immediate neighbourhood. Pretty basic. Strictly Doom II. No mods, nothing fancy. However, I think it would probably qualify as what you call a "megamap" as it took me about an hour to complete in "Don't Hurt Me" mode (then again, I'm not very good at Doom).

Built with Slade 3 on Vanilla/Doom II IWAD
Tested on GZDoom v4.5.0
Occasional crouching + jumping 
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