DWANGO.WAD is the first in a collection of 11 GREAT levels to play 2-4
player.  Also, new music and sound effects have been added to enhance the
enjoyment of these levels.  No longer do you have to go searching for a
particular WAD, you now have a compilation of some the best played on DWANGO!
I hope you enjoy all the new music too, I tried to fit each piece of music
with the theme of the level.  You'll even find several of the levels using
the classic Doom music.

One interesting added sound which I created and I have placed in my
main DOOM2.WAD is the SPLAT sound (dsslop I believe is the location).
Anyway, it is from the end of my favorite music, Cliffhanger.  In case
you have a hard time understanding it, it goes:

"Season's over, *sshole!"

            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
            * * *  Print this out for quick reference!  * * *
            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Map 01  SUPER1.WAD  -  An enlargement of Map 01 from Doom ][ to make it more
                       enjoyable for 3 and 4 player games.  Neat tricks
                       in it as well.

Map 02 DOOM_1B.WAD  -  This is E1M1 from Classic Doom w/ the super
                       shotgun added.

Map 03 PAR-002C.WAD -  This was an old western town (Tombstone, AZ) from
                       classic Doom that was discovered to be a BLAST for 4

Map 04 IDMAP01.WAD  -  A great frag-fest made by the guys at Id software.
                       Its a toughie getting a few of the weapons though.

Map 05 DM7NEW2.WAD  -  Corridors of walk-through walls make this a great
                       level to keep the adrenaline flowing!  Watch
                       your back!

Map 06 OFFICE.WAD   -  A wonderful 5 floor office tower from classic Doom
                       converted to Doom ][.  Watch out for telefrags!
                       This one is a great hide-and-go-blast level, too.

Map 07 CYBRDTH2.WAD -  An arena similar to the end of Episode 2 from Doom 1.

Map 08 DOOM_1B.WAD  -  This is E1M5 from classic Doom w/ the super
                       shotgun added.

Map 09 NAZI.WAD     -  A SMALL level that appears large until you figure
                       out the layout.  Two main areas, one an area of
                       lifts and great weapons.  The other includes a lot
                       of automatic doors and traps.

Map 10 RAVEN2.WAD   -  A large level that makes great fun for 4 player.
                       Possibly the best Raven wad yet.

Map 11 CARNAGE!.WAD -  The finale!  This is map #4 from the original with
                       a few large lifts and some dark tunnels surrounding
                       the level makes for some great fun!

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