After defeating numerous demonic monsters, your team is told
that a recreational pool abandoned decades ago has been taken over by the
interdimensional demonic hordes. This pool is being used as a storage 
facility to process biogenic weapons. The toxin used in the production
of this weaponized arsenal is stored throughout the facility. Luckily your
armored UAC space suit is impervious to its effects. In preparation for 
your assault, a recon team placed caches througout the facility in hidden 
areas. You will need these to survive. Unfortunately the recon team has 
lost contact over a month ago and their wereabouts are unknown. Prior to 
losing communication with you, the recon team reports that the #Pool 
facility contains areas with code names that hide powerful weapons: 
"The Observation Lounge", "Reefer Break Area", and the "Pull Station". 
There is also a rummor that this #Pool facility has a hidden entrance that
leades to a Hangar. 
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