66666 - Crypt of the Fearless (4 Oblige Maps & Seed Group for Beginners)


Inside Edition from The Occult Archives (20220622) (GZDoom & Vanilla-compatible)

A satanic WAD of 4 small hell-ish crypts generated in OBLIGE with the quintuple
seed number 66666 and stealth monsters for some extra gameplay difficulty.
This edition includes custom music and textures for atmosphere, and as a bonus
it comes with a list of numbers from my "Obliged Seed Group" for targeted random
megawad generation of crypts and catacombs as titles and themes! (see below)

[List of MAPs as generated & titled by OBLIGE]
MAP01: Balrok's Sacred Cathedral
MAP02: Yet Another Sinful Grotto
MAP03: The Immoral Culmination
MAP04: Tomb of the Denizens

  (INTER) Hexen Soundtrack - Orb
  (MAP01) Daniel Bernstein - Blood 4
  (MAP02) Ells R. Hall - Evil Choir (Starlance Theme 3) 
  (MAP03) Heretic Soundtrack - E1M4
  (MAP04) Wojciech Kilar - Vampire Hunters (from Bram Stoker's Dracula)

  Crypt of Wola Gułowska in Lublin Province, Poland by Marcin Białek
  Download the full 2823x1888 original resolution image if you like it:

[Obliged Seed Group - Crypts and Catacombs]
Are you a beginner in DOOM Editing? Do you prefer crypts and catacombs as levels
and like to randomly generate some of these as a base to build your own MAPs and
WADs on? Then don't waste time with "blind" seeds and check out my current list
of 10 tested seed numbers for OBLIGE that will generate exactly what you want!

Take note that 32-bit seed numbers for OBLIGE do not produce the same gametitles
and results in OBSIDIAN and its LuaJIT-based 64-bit generator! In simple terms,
this is only for the final 2017 version of Oblige (7.70) as a standard.

Also, you may get different results for MAPs, depending on your own settings!

Note: An exclamation mark (!) means I have generated some MAPs or a full PWAD
with this seed and released it publicly. A plus (+) means I consider this a
release candidate and I also recommend to generate it on your own to see what
results you can come up with...

oblige seed number,gametitle,mark
0,Crypt of Vengeance
39,The Morbid Catacombs
41,Crypt of Fear
63,Crypt of the Vampire
566,Catacombs of the Hellspawn,+
2002,Crypt of the Tormented
66666,Crypt of the Fearless,!
20220609,Catacombs of the Oracle
20220615,Demonic Catacombs
20220707,Crypt of the Demons,+

[List of my DOOM 2 Projects]
+ Stonecold (Current Beta 3)
+ Obsidian Cavern 20220606 (Final Edition in the works w/new stuff...)
+ 66666 - Crypt of the Fearless (Example from my Obliged Seed Group)
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