Dreary to behold, this enemy military base is small,
                          but provides large amounts of battles in rapid frequencies.
                          Beware if you enter this lethal place, for one miscalculation
                          or one missed shot could become the cause of your death.

                          Strong executed strategies and fast and accurate reflexes will
                          increase your chances to survive these heated encounters.

                          Weapons: Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher,
                                   Plasma Gun, and BFG9000.

                          Items: (x1)Blue Armor;(x6)Stim Packs;(x1)Back Pack

                          This level is primarily designed for tense 2 player
                          Deathmatches.  Optimized for duels, though 3
                          players might enjoy the intense battles shared.
                          There are 4 Deathmatch Starts placed in the map.
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