From the Depths v3.3


Five Maps for a playtime of around 30 minutes on very easy, 40 on easy and good luck on anything higher. Resources are few and far between but on the plus side you have a six shot revolver with unlimited ammo and if you can find a flashlight your batteries won't die in the time to complete this survival horror take on doom.

Mods Required: CC4-TEX
Suck Time 1 hour
Par Time ~30 minutes

Map 1 - Sewer Level stumbling through tunnels
Map 2 - Outdoor to Indoor Area with plenty of doors with traps and goodies. Choose wisely or take your time.
Map 3 - The Narrowing Tunnel, what could go wrong.
Map 4 - Just here to annoy you.
Map 5 - Hotel Level, if hell had a hotel that was designed to kill you.
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