Jamal Jones - Caustic Canyon Ver.2


This map was made specifically for "Jamal Jones: One Man Army", Doomkid's 20-year mapping anniversary contest. It requires the "OneMan" resource pack (version 5 or later) to function properly. Why don'tcha check it out:

Alterations over the first release are as follows:

-Map-wide adjustment to all enemy encounters. There's more of 'em, now (Over 300 on UV), and I even added a few Archies, just for fun. Combat should be a little more gripping now, especially on Ultra-Violence.
-Raised the height of the outdoor fences to stop them from being visible through the ground.
-Added another room and made minor adjustments to the blue key building.
-Made adjustments to the room with the final encounter.
-Exit teleporter now has its own room.
-Made the path to a certain secret a little more hidden (and a little prettier as a bonus).
-Placed a shotgun on the map.
-Increased the population of happy, bouncing blue and green Borbs.
-Added some more ammunition pickups, especially in and around the canyon sections.
-Fixed all texture alignment/tutti-frutti issues I could personally find.
-Added even more general detail to places where I thought I could get away with it because I have a problem and must be stopped.
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