Death King


Hard Data:

Vanilla Doom, No custom assets, All genuine Doom textures and monsters

Port: GZDoom

Format: UDMF 
IWAD: Doom 2

Does NOT require jumping, freelook or other software renders


3 Level WAD

Toxicity, Bloodpool, Castle Obsidian

The first level is built like your normal Doom 2 level, the second level is a maze and the third level is a semi-slaughter map for extra difficulty. None are too difficult as far as I could tell as there is plenty of ammo and healing items throughout, but it is still meant to hurt a bit. The main point is for fun. They are all meant to be played in Ultra Violence. 

*IF there are any issues or errors with any of the maps, please e-mail [email protected] with the level number, the error and what part of the level it affects.  
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