Title                 : INVICITY  (version0.9 - strictly for testing) 
Filename              : invis09.WAD
release Date          : 04.05.2004
Author                : Dia     
Email Addres          : [email protected]                    
Misc. Author Info     : German old-timer

Requirements          : RETRES.WAD downloadable from 
			and the recent version of ZDOOM.

INFORMATION	      : This is only a test-version and not the final release. 
			I know about some misallignments and right now I´m working with
			Doombuilder to kill them. What I need are some Infos about the 
			playability and problems you discover on any skill. 


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map 01 (DOOM II) 
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : not yet  - but already prepared for designwise
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : would be hours of just searching for the other players - not implemented   
Difficulty Settings     : Yes - all
New Sounds              : only those from retres.wad
New Graphics            : allmost everything - thanks to retres.wad
New Monsters            : the famous dark imp from eternal is there. :)
New Music               : not yet - but I´m sure the final version will have some
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : ZETH and some finetuning with Doombuilder
Time                    : almost 4 Years :) No, seriously - the mainwork was done in about two months,                            but included many hours of "learning by doing" and some complete re-designs
                          of the more complex views.

* Permissions *

Use it for inspiration, but please don´t just copy areas. Be fair. :)


This is my first released single player level ever - but don´t be scared. I already made some levels
for "Eternal Doom" and some Quake 1 and 2 ones. 

"INVICITY" was started in 2000, when "Doom2000" (now released as Daedalus) was slowing down again and
all Quake Projects of Team TNT were aborted. I also lost interest in Levelbuilding and only recently 
(after Daedalus) I discovered the file sleeping on my HD again. Off course at this time it only weighted
about 200 K and was nothing but the starting platform and the first area. Also it was just grey in grey
and without any detailing.

But for making a long story short - the bug bit again and now finally the first playable version is 
ready for testing. So grab your shotgun and give it a try.

ETERNAL DOOM IV is coming - let this map be an appetizer for the things to come. It´s far to small for being a real Eternal-Level, but I hit the mark playwise I think. :)


Well, all in all it´s just straightforward dooming I was aiming for, but some hints will help you in the
more crowded areas.

	1. They are some autosave spots included in the map. They aren´t there without a reason. :)
	2. Sometimes it´s better to let the monsters fight it out by themselves
	3. NEVER feel save when backtracking
	4. Use the windows to avoid loosing orientation
	5. Sometimes it´s better not to take an item, because it probably will spawn some trouble. :)
        6. They are only 2 secrets right now - some areas are prepared but not yet ready, so don´t bump
	   your heads wolfenstein-wise. :)


	Paul Schmitz - 	my mentor, who helped a lot again during the scripting problems 
			I discovered while building.
	Ty Haldemann - 	for the first hints
	Rich Nagel   -	for the yet to add score :)
	TEAM ETERNAL -	for the great times then and still the best TC around
	TEAM TNT     - 	for giving retres.wad to the crowd - those textures are a great inspiration
	Ralf Sauer, Lutz Schulz, Hans Lepak and every other tester who worked through all the 
			crappy versions prior to this release....
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