We were kingz n shit niggaz i swear to god man i my fucking family member from each iniquity i was an ancestor egypt man you telling me that that their emblems over there aint black? look at they skin man they black. hey you think you know man like im saying man we tryna go space n shit man like fuck man nigga these goddamn white peple man i ain't sayin man these white peple be ruinin our lives mane shit mane lemme lemme tell you mane my gran grandmama she part Egyptian mane you tellin me little king ta tu ta tut thats my great great great great great grandpa mane and you tellin me that these goddamn egyptians ain't black shit nigga look look man Julius Caesar's was black I don't know why this history books be lyin to you Julius Caesar's was black he wasn't white he Romans were ruled by by black peple shiet mane I tell you what I swear let all the black people in America go back to Africa they're gonna be god knows what.
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