Ü  Ü     Ü     Ü     Ü      ÜÜ   Ü    Ü Ü Ü     Ü Ü Ü
         Ü   Ü     Ü Ü Ü    Ü   Ü    Ü Ü  Ü    Ü        Ü     Ü
         Ü   Ü     ÜÜ ÜÜ    Ü Ü Ü    Ü  Ü Ü    Ü  ÜÜ    Ü     Ü
         Ü  Ü       Ü Ü     Ü   Ü    Ü   ÜÜ    Ü Ü Ü     Ü Ü Ü

Another in the continuing series of nothing but the best levels for play.
Quit wasting your time looking for the fun wads, they're here!

For those of you unlucky enough to find all the bugs in DWANGO3, this
DWANGO4 is an enhancement of DWANGO3 with a few levels scratched
and a few very good levels that were overlooked now added.  

For all means and purposes, you may remove DWANGO3 for this is bascially 
the same plus several new levels.  DWANGO3 was not tested thoroughly 
before being released and therefore is a good WAD to remove.

DWANGO1.WAD, DWANGO2.WAD, DWANGO3.WAD, and DWANGO4.WAD are compilations 
of levels written by various authors.  Though the DWANGO series is 
compiled by a sole person, I nor anyone else takes any credit
for any of the work here(leave it for the authors).  Though I have written 
several of the levels in this series, I don't even care to give credit to 
myself for anything done here.

A big thanks to all authors who have made all these OUTSTANDING wads.  I            
hope they continue to come out and I hope to continue to find them!  Also
a big thanks for those who have helped make DWANGO4 through suggestions,
uploading levels to me, and troubleshooting beta copies.

Keep an eye out for DWANGO5.WAD coming soon with some NEW and even MORE
unique goodies.

Remember, ALL the DWANGO series along with many other excellent levels may
be found on the following DWANGO support BBS:

               T h e   W a l l  ( 2 1 4 ) 2 8 6 - 8 2 9 1

            - Official DWANGO support site for North Texas -

³ Map # ³  WAD Name  ³ Description                                       ³
³  01   ³  HERETIC   ³ Heretic E1M1 designed for Doom.  A FIRST!         ³
³  02   ³  URUN!     ³ A new exciting fast-moving level of death!        ³
³  03   ³  FRAGL3E   ³ Awesome re-make of Map 3 from DOOM ][             ³
³  04   ³  VORTEX    ³ A small but exciting deathmatch showdown          ³
³  05   ³  FRAGEM    ³ Plenty of frags on this little level              ³
³  06   ³  ICEFORT   ³ A giant fortress in the icey mountains, super!    ³     
³  07   ³  MEGA!     ³ Another awesome re-make of map 1                  ³
³  08   ³  JROOM3    ³ A simple, fast-moving rocket attack level         ³
³  09   ³  SHIP      ³ You're at Sea!  Only few will survive.  Fun!      ³
³  10   ³  ARENA-II  ³ Small arena showdown, do NOT stop moving!         ³
³  11   ³  HEIGHTS   ³ Another multi-level non-stop running level        ³ 
³  12   ³  VORTEX    ³ Another small but awesome fragathon               ³
³  13   ³  YODA-DM2  ³ A fun multi-player level with lots of death!      ³
³  14   ³  THEYARD   ³ A level that may remind you of Monster Condo      ³
³  15   ³  FOXER     ³ Cool outside area for fun and frags               ³     
³  16   ³  WARROOM   ³ Large square room surrounded by one hallway       ³
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