Obsidian Cavern 20220606 (Release Candidate)


Inside Edition from The Occult Archives (20220606)

On June 6th 2022 the latest Build of OBSIDIAN V20 was released on GitHub!
It is the most advanced Random Map Generator for DOOM 1 & 2 and HERETIC so far,
and I'm being excited to build new MAPs and full WADs with this version by
using my own experimental settings for big maps and cave constructions...

Obsidian Cavern is the first Release Candidate of such specific DOOM 2 Maps
which I have carefully chosen after playtesting hundred of random cave-like 
layouts in the last 3-4 days. What I'm going for in this project is a system
of interconnected cave rooms that look realistic, have proper lighting and
some sky ceilings with random skyboxes/graphics. The generator does not always
generate those, unless you get the settings right and set a really good seed.

And this is exactly what you get here! A gargantuan map strictly with heaps
of caves connected with each other in a natural labyrinth-style layout,
also with some steepness to add nice elevations and interesting areas.
No rooms, hallways or other distractions. Just caves after caves populated
with enough monsters to make this a challenging but not too hard level.
You also get a few secrets and longer quests to get keys for locked doors.

I generated this map for slow-paced and longer gameplay in mind, i.e.
the exact opposite of my parallel DOOM 2 Slige project Stonecold.

The WAD is packed with the midi song FLOGHORN from original Duke Nukem 3D
for a dark/gloomy music atmosphere fitted quite well for cave exploration.

Last but not least, all my WADs come with my own TITLEPIC, INTERPIC and
CREDITS graphics TGA lumps embedded, plus other additions. Read the Q&A
below for more details.

[Q&A - Questions & Answers]

1. What is an "Inside Edition"?

A post-edited/modified and recompiled version of a DOOM 2 MAP or episodic/full
WAD that I randomly generated with SLIGE, OBLIGE, OBSIDIAN or my own internal
generators with custom settings, plugins, etc. The "Inside" expression is my
alternative term for "Work in Progress", i.e. those are usually Beta versions
with unfinished content uploaded for playtesting and demo purposes months
before the final release.

2. What are "The Occult Archives"?

Simply put, they are my private and huge collection of randomly generated
MAPs/WADs for DOOM 1 & 2 since years - thousands of playable maps and gigabytes
of data that haven't been publicly released for the most part. I also experiment
with specific seed numbers and mods/plugins for both SLIGE and OBLIGE-based
generators. The title also refers to my real name as a coder and level designer
which I will reveal in the near future on my official ModDB.

3. What DOOM Editor do you use?

I currently use SLADE v3.2.1 for both building/editing MAP levels and compiling
WAD archives. I feel it's the quickest and easiest editor out there that works
best for my personal workflow.

4. What is your username and URL on ModDB?

My username is Lurker. I had been known to some folks of the Unreal modding
community out there since I created some maps and mods for Deus Ex back in 2011
and following years, aswell as tools and special port versions of UE1-based FPS
like "Star Trek - Klingon Honor Guard" and "Undying" Editor.

You can check out and download my official stuff at:
Download 37 downloads