Glikkzy - JAMAL JONES - Pollution - Plant Version 1

Glikkzy - JAMAL JONES - Pollution Plant - Version 1.wad

Glikkzy's Map for JAMAL JONES: One Man Jury! [AKA Doomkid's 20 Years Mapping Contest]

- Map Name: Pollution Plant
- Format: Doom 2
- Build Time: ~30 hours over 7 days
- Difficulty: Medium

- Music: "Level 2" - Wings of Death
	- Original Composer: Jochen Hippel
	- Midi Composer: Oedipus
	  Trimmed and looped by me (Glikkzy)

- Story: Demons have corrupted a UAC Water Treatment & Purification Facility, and the surrounding lands and people are suffering the effects. Jamal Jones must make his way through the demon-infested base and surrounding canyon, stop the slime-spewing pipes polluting the water, then make his escape! (Completely up to Doomkid what the story is, of course, but this is what went through my mind while making the map.) 

- Difficulty Settings: Not implemented as of now
- Coop: 4 Player Starts

Tested on:
- GZDoom
- Chocolate Doom
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